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Photos courtesy of In Stone Fossils

In Stone Fossils is one of Fossil Basin’s family-owned fossil shops specializing in selling high-quality fossils, minerals, and other geological treasures. They offer a wide range of products—including dinosaur bones, ammonites, trilobites, and petrified wood—as well as unique fossil digging experiences such as sunset and night digs.

In Stone Fossils takes pride in their ethical and sustainable sourcing, and they invite guests of all ages along to participate in sourcing those fascinating ancient finds! In Stone Fossils’ educational programs and tours cover the geology and paleontology of the area and encourage hands-on participation in digging for fossils.

Fossil dig with meal in foreground at In Stone Fossils

The owners work closely with local landowners and fossil collectors to ensure that all of their products are legally and responsibly obtained. Their dedication to sustainability and education make In Stone a standout in the field—or in the quarry!

Guests will learn about the area’s rich geologic history, particularly when it comes to fossils. The region is part of the Green River Formation, which is famous for its well-preserved fish fossils. These fossils date back to 120 million years! In addition to fish, the Kemmerer area is also home to other fossilized creatures such as turtles, crocodiles, and birds. The fossils found in Kemmerer have helped scientists better understand the diversity of life that existed during prehistoric time periods, and have even led to the discovery of new species. Overall, the geologic history of Kemmerer is a fascinating subject for both scientists and anyone interested in the ancient past.

Mosasaur Tooth in In Stone Fossils store

Digging for such artifacts with In Stone Fossils is a truly unique experience that offers an opportunity to uncover this ancient history. Participants can expect to work alongside paleontologists and experienced guides as they search for fossils of prehistoric fish, turtles, and crocodiles. The expeditions are located in scenic areas with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The team at In Stone Fossils provides all the necessary equipment and instruction, making it accessible to everyone regardless of experience level. Overall, it is an unforgettable adventure that combines education, excitement, and natural beauty.

Fish Fossil from In Stone Fossils online store

The character that makes these experiences so special is the family that runs In Stone Fossils in Kemmerer. The close-knit and passionate group of individuals are dedicated to sharing their love of fossils with the world. The family works tirelessly to excavate and prepare rare and unique specimens for sale in their museum and online shop. The tradition has been passed on to his children and grandchildren who assist in everything from fossil hunting to customer service; the In Stone Fossils family is a testament to the hard, important work of preserving our planet’s prehistoric past—and they have a fascinating TikTok account that’s not to be missed!

Travelers who don’t spend time on a fossil dig with In Stone need not feel like they’re missing out. The In Stone Fossils shop in the town of Kemmerer is renowned for providing high-quality fossils and products alongside rich stories and knowledge. The fossils are carefully selected and preserved to ensure their authenticity and durability. The products sold by the company are also of exceptional quality, ranging from unique home decor pieces to stunning jewelry—souvenirs from your time in Fossil Basin that will last more than a lifetime.

Interior of In Stone Fossils store in Kemmerer, WY

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