Quarry Stories: Tynsky’s Fossils

Every year, hundreds of visitors get to chisel into the 52-million-year-old history of Fossil Basin’s world-renowned fossil quarries. The experience of fossil digging is something magnificent to share with others. For strangers, friends, and families, it can be a highlight of any adventure, getting to find your part of prehistoric history buried into limestone. In these ways, fossil digging not only allows us to connect with the world epochs before us but also allows us to connect with the memories we make in the present and will cherish with loved ones in the future. No one understands this more than Tynsky’s Fossils, a fossil quarry that has been chiseling out a legacy of fun-filled memories and adventure for over four generations.

In the 1960s, Sylvester “Switz” Tynsky and his two sons created the first nearshore sandwich bed quarries in Fossil Basin. Later on, Switz’s sons Bob and Jim A.Tynsky split the operation, and it eventually integrated both of their respective growing families too. In 2003, Bob’s son Jim E. Tynsky found a famous three-toed “dawn horse” fossil in the area while digging. It now is displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Today, the company is overseen by Rob Tynsky, who continues his family’s legacy of leading life-changing fossil digs and helping other families to have an incredible experience. Needless to say, the Tynsky family not only understands the wonder of fossil digging, but they also understand the significance it has for families and individuals to explore the quarries. With their four generations of fossil digging experience, you too can excavate your own part of fossilized history with their company.

Tynsky’s “dawn horse”, Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

Located in Downtown Kemmerer, their shop displays fossilized fish, insects, turtles, plants, and more, some of which you can also expect to dig up for yourself! The shop acts as an HQ for visitors to check in before embarking on an epic excursion to the Tynsky Quarry. Once at the quarry, you get to dig with professionals and find as many fossils as you like; you even get to keep up to 10 fish fossils you find!

With Tynsky’s Fossils, you get to be a part of the 52-million-year-old legacy of Fossil Basin and carve out some fun life-long memories for you and the whole family! We guarantee you’ll dig it!

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