Quarry Stories: Fossil Safari

By Wolf Johnson

When you think of the word “safari”, you may think about traveling across the world and exploring an exotic destination with some unique wildlife. However, south of Kemmerer, Wyoming, you can embark on a different safari, one that will take you millions of years back in time. At Warfield Fossils’ Fossil Safari, you can unearth buried fish, stingrays, turtles, birds, reptiles, and mammals in all shapes and sizes. When you dig at the Fossil Safari quarry, you can keep all of the common fish fossils you find, but any rare creatures you uncover stay with the quarry’s historic collection.


Fossil Safari operates on the Green River Formation, which has some of the most intact marine-life fossils. When digging, you can find some of the clearest Knightia, Diplomystus, Phareodus, Mioplosus, Amphiplaga, and Priscacara fossils in the world! At Fossil Safari, they give you the tools and resources to chisel out, collect, and clean all your own fossils. They’ll also assist you with splitting the rock if you need help. This family-started quarry is all about creating a fun and unforgettable experience for all its visitors, giving everyone an opportunity to go “fishing” in the most unique way possible!

“Our family had a great time here! Looking for fossils is fun and addicting! Staff members are super friendly and helpful. It blows my mind knowing that we are the first ones to lay eyes on the fossils we found in 52 million years, and every single one of these fossils were once unique and vibrant creatures just like us,” said Chelsea Zhang, a visitor to Fossil Safari.

At the quarry, people of all ages have the tools and resources available to dig up fossils for the day, with no reservations needed. This quarry is one of a kind, for every and any one.


According to Fossil Safari, “Most people find enough fish to satisfy their appetite in the first two hours.  It is our experience that the effort one puts into splitting the rock down into its smallest size is what will give you the greatest potential to find numerous quantities of fossil fish!”

Wherever your next trip takes you, make sure to stop by and check out Fossil Safari outside of Kemmerer,Wyoming. This quarry is guaranteed to give you one “down to earth” safari adventure!

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