Winter Fun in Fossil Basin

There are a lot of good reasons to visit Fossil Basin in the summer. The countless fossils you can uncover are a good place to start the list. But winter in Fossil Basin is a hidden gem. It’s a time to connect with the landscape and adventure like—and alongside—the locals. Glide across the snow, whether it’s downhill or across a meadow, by your own power or with a motor. And, of course, you can still find fish. In fossils in shops in town or from beneath the ice on your hook.

Photos by Kirk Rasmussen

Here’s a sampling of one exciting weekend in Fossil Basin in February:

Bundle Up for a Stroll

Walking through downtown Kemmerer

Don’t miss Triangle Park, the Fossil County Frontier Museum, the first-ever J.C. Penney store, or the murals and colorful storefronts. Be sure to visit all three fossil shops in town!

Just Keep Walking

Wildlife and winter in Fossil Basin

Take your hike outside town limits and enjoy the colorful winter landscapes of southwest Wyoming. Keep a sharp eye out for wildlife.

Smiles for Miles

Cross country skiing in Fossil Basin

… and bring the canine grins, too!

Cross country skier with dog in Fossil Basin Wyoming

There are groomed and un-groomed trails for skiers to play on.

Refuel for More Adventures

Meal and margaritas at El JalicienseThe Stock Exchange in Kemmerer, Wyoming

Fill up at El Jaliciense or grab a beverage at The Stock Exchange (or both!). Enjoy a quiet night in the small towns of Kemmerer and Diamondville before resuming your winter adventures the next day.

Float Over the Powder …

Make a day of downhill skiing at the local hill , a nearly private ski experience at Pine Creek Ski Resort.

Pine Creek ski resort

… or Under the Ice

If downhill skiing isn’t your pace, settle in at Lake Viva Naughton with your fishing gear. You can even pit your ice fishing skills against the best of ’em at the annual Kemmerer Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby.

Kemmerer Ice Fishing Derby

Meet Your Need for Speed

Get one last thrill in before bringing your winter adventures in Fossil Basin to a conclusion. Fossil Basin offers vast stretches of public land to explore. Rev your snowmobile through the powder to see even more of this unique corner of Wyoming.

snowmobiling in fossil basin, wyoming

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