• Wildlife, History, and Freedom

    You've never felt as free as you will in the wide open plains, forests, and mountains of western Wyoming!
  • Come Fish The Layers Of Time

    Like noplace else on Earth. Come see just how great the fossil fishing is in the Fossil Basin!
  • Outdoors Adventureland

    If you enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, skiing, four-wheeling, snowmachining, or virtually anything else outdoors, the Fossil Basin is your next destination for adventure!
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Grant Requests

The Fossil Basin Promotion Board is now accepting grant applications for the 2013 year. All requests are due by April 2015. Applications can be picked up from April by calling 307-828-2365.

Welcome To The Fossil Basin

You have arrived in one of the most amazing, diverse areas in the country! Pronghorn, deer, elk, moose, golden eagles, bald eagles, falcons, hawks, prairie dogs, cougars, bears, coyotes and much, much more wildlife call the forests, plains, deserts, and mountains of the Fossil Basin home. The lakes, rivers and streams flowing through the region comprise some of the best fishing anywhere, and the wide open spaces are perfect for exploration by four or two wheels, by skis, or by boots.

Then, shift gears and enjoy the variety of concerts, performances, free music festivals, and art flowing throughout the community!

Take a trip through the REAL wild west to explore some of the variety of opportunities, culture, and amenities the region has to offer!


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